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Fury Ensues After TX Bar Allegedly Turns 'Straight' and Kicks Gays Out: 'This Is Now a Vile Hip Hop Club


"...we're not going to call this a gay bar anymore, we're going to call it a straight bar."

We've repeatedly covered bakeries that have turned gay couples away, particularly when it comes to requests for wedding cakes. But there's a new story out of Austin, Texas, where a bar is being accused of refusing to allow gays through its front doors.

This particular story is fascinating, because the pub in question, Red Room, has been known in the past as a gay-friendly establishment. However on July 19, a new promoter was purportedly brought in and one former bartender, Josh Moon, told KVUE-TV that the business suddenly decided to become a "straight bar."

"They pulled all the bartenders in the back and they said 'well, we're not going to call this a gay bar anymore, we're going to call it a straight bar," Moon told the outlet.

Here's more about the incident:

It was this night that apparently sparked debate, as the former bartender claims that the business overtly discriminated against gays. Moon contends that a new dress code was put into place -- one that said no shorts or hats would be allowed.

That said, he claims that people wearing these supposedly forbidden pieces of clothing were allowed in, but that others were turned away simply because of their sexual orientation.

Red Room's owners, though, claim that the night's festivities were for a private event and that those renting the space had the jurisdiction to kick people out. Again, Moon disputes this claim, telling KVUE-TV that the Facebook page advertising the evening didn't refer to it as a private event; in fact, he claims that the advertisement dubbed the evening a "grand opening" -- one that would continue for several weekends.

And Moon also proclaims that he heard a guy manning the door tell people, "This is not a gay bar anymore, you're not welcome. You can't come in."

Now, it's important to note that Moon was fired the next day, as he decided to leave his post that night after purportedly overhearing these comments. He is speaking out in the wake of his dismissal.

The bar maintains, again, that, while its owners regret what unfolded, that it was a private event and not a ban that they sanctioned. While Red Room's owners claim that they want the bar to remain open to everyone and that they will be more careful when others rent in the future, it seems at least two reviewers on Yelp caught wind of Moon's allegations and are less than impressed with the establishment's alleged treatment of homosexuals.

"I've been to this place one time, right after they first opened.  I hadn't been back since, and after reading about their recent treatment of the gay community, I won't be back ever again," wrote Daniel M.

And another, named Steve B., added: "Formerly 219 West (which moved to 6th) then a pleasant gay bar called Red Room, this is now a vile hip hop club staffed by rude doormen who now have a policy of refusing admission to anyone gay or who might look gay."

Clearly, the situation has caused a fair bit of angst. TheBlaze will be reaching out to Red Room to further clarify their stance on the matter.

Featured Image Credit: KVUE-TV



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