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Actor Bruce Willis Delivers One of the Most Awkward and Cringe-Worthy Movie Interviews We've Seen


"I would slash my hooves."

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Actor Bruce Willis joined his "Red 2" co-star Mary-Louise Parker for a radio interview with UK radio station Magic 105.4 and its DJ Jamie Edwards. The exchange, intended to offer more details on the new film, ended up being one of the most flat, awkward and cringe-worthy interviews you may ever see.

Edwards, who was enthusiastic throughout the film, was met with a seemingly uninterested Willis who, at moments, seemed detached and uninterested in answering his curiosities. At one point, Willis even admits (although it's unclear if it's a quip) that he can barely keep his mind on the discussion.

Photo Credit: YouTube

"What was your favorite place to actually film in?," Edwards asked, referring specifically to the filming of "Red 2."

"Istanbul" Willis responded, spawning a smirk from Parker, as the movie wasn't filmed in Turkey. When the actor realized that Edwards was referring, specifically, to this film, he launched into an odd commentary.

"Has any actor ever told you this Jamie? This part is not acting. What we're doing right now -- you might be," the actor said. "But we're just selling the film now. Sales. That fun part was making the movie."

Photo Credit: YouTube

The host, clearly trying to keep the exchange moving, next asked how Willis would sell him the film. Apparently uninterested in responding in detail, the performer said, "I wouldn't. I would slash my hooves."

Now, there's always the possibility that the actor decided to take this approach just to create a viral video and thus drum up talk of the film. But that doesn't make it any less awkward.

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