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The Video of a Thwarted Robbery Attempt That Will Likely Make You Cheer (UPDATE: TheBlaze Speaks to the Hero)

"He picked the wrong people to mess with."

(Source: YouTube)

It's not often that you can read a story about an attempted robbery and cheer at the end. But that's exactly what you're likely to do after you see the surveillance footage of such an attempt taken earlier this year inside a Norfolk, Virginia, restaurant that is now going viral.

On Sunday, a video uploaded to YouTube in May was posted on Reddit. It shows a man in a bulky jacket walking into what's being identified as The Wing Zone in Norfolk, appearing to stick something through his pocket, exchange some words with two workers, and then escort them to a back room:

(Source: YouTube)

(Source: YouTube)

But once in the back room, the two employees  aren't having any of it and fight back, even placing the man in a head lock:

(Source: YouTube)

(Source: YouTube)

(Source: YouTube)

The date on the security camera footage matches the date the video was uploaded to YouTube: May 22, 2013. In that video, you can hear the men talking in the background as they record the security camera footage on another device. At one point, one of the young men says, "He picked the wrong people to mess with" and "there goes the weapon...alright, so then I grab the weapon in my hands" when the crook drops something out of his pocket.

They eventually chase the crook away. But the best part -- and the part that will likely make you cheer -- is when the men celebrate their victory with raised arms and an awkward chest bump/hug:

(Source: YouTube)

(Source: YouTube)

Now enjoy the full video:

It's unclear who exactly the young men are. The video was uploaded by someone with the username "Zane Waldemar" and the video description says, "A guy tried to rob Caleb and I to no avail."

A quick Google search does turn up a Google+ profile for someone named Caleb Waldemar that once worked at Wing Zone and lives in Norfolk:

A screen shot of Caleb Waldemar's Google+ page.

A similar search for Zane Waldemar pulled up a Google+ page that's a little more revealing. That page features the above video posted to the page, but it also has a picture of Zane and what appears to be Caleb at the restaurant:

A screen shot of the Google+ page for Zane Waldemar.

A picture of Zane and who appears to be Caleb from Zane's Google+ page.

A commenter on the Reddit post claims to have worked at the same restaurant, and says the two employees are brothers and the sons of the business owner.

"This is in a bad neighborhood in Norfolk, VA and the place is open late, so these things are pretty typical (it happened at least three times in the year I was there.), " commenter nmosc89 writes. "The two in the video are actually the sons of the owner which is why they were so resistant to just giving up the money; they're a military family who are really into hitting the gym and doing all these different types of fighting styles. I was there during one of the armed robberies and the shorter guy actually tried to wrestle the gun away from that guy while I ran out the back door and got the police."

Nmos89 also says that so far no one has been caught.

"But he was a guy that regularly hung around in the parking lot of the place, so they know who he is and he'll likely be caught really soon," the commenter ads.


TheBlaze spoke to Caleb Waldemar, 20, who confirmed that he is the one of the men in the video of the robbery that took place on May 22.

“I had just taken the trash out, and I hadn’t finished, so I left the door unlocked,” Waldemar explained.  “He saw me leave the door unlocked and just decided to rob us that night.  So he basically just walked in.”

Waldemar, the red-shirted man in the video, works at father’s restaurant, Wing Zone, in Norfolk, Virginia with his brother, Zane Waldemar, 18.

As for their martial arts prowess, Waldemar said he and his brother practice the Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai while also doing CrossFit as a family.  He even said these skills have helped the two brothers during this and previous burglary attempts.

“This was my third robbery attempt by somebody,” Waldemar said as he began to explain the celebration seen near the end of the video.  “This was Zane’s first robbery attempt, so he was really pumped up and excited that he had been able to stop one.”

Waldemar’s first fight against a burglar did not end as victoriously as the May 22 attempt.

“The first robbery attempt that ever happened to me was much, much different.  The guy was a professional and he walked in with a handgun and pointed it at my chest.”

Waldemar said he fought back and lost the fight, ending up on the floor.  There was, however, a positive outcome to the scuffle: Waldemar found his determination to always win.

“From that moment on, I decided never to lose again.”

Waldemar asked local police about having guns at the restaurant and was told that he is able to have a handgun at work because it’s his family’s private property.

He says he has brought a gun with him to work several times “just in case.”

Kelsey Drapkin contributed to this report.

(H/T: Gawker)

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