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Tense: Bill O'Reilly Clashes With Chicago Democrat Who Publicized 'Suspicions' That Police Are Killing Black Children


"Chicago police as you know are not gunning down black children. You know that, right?"

(Fox News)

Bill O'Reilly called out Illinois state Rep. Monique Davis (D-Chicago) on Thursday over her "irresponsible" comments about her constituents' "suspicions" that police are actually gunning down black children in Chicago. Her comments, made on a radio show this week, appeared to give credence to a "destructive" rumor that she should have shot down immediately as an elected public official, O'Reilly said.

However, Davis refused to take responsibility for publicizing the outrageous allegation and claimed she was merely passing along what others had told her.

(Fox News)

"I didn't say it, Bill. I repeated what members of my community have said to me," Davis said. "It is crucially important that people realize that was not Monique Davis's statement."

O'Reilly rejected her excuse and told her she should have immediately squashed the claim as "crazy."

"Do I have say that?" David asked.

"Yeah, you do," O'Reilly shot back. "Here's why you have to say it, two reasons: Number one, you have credibility as an elected official, alright? And number two, people don't know where you stand…That is destructive to the discourse. Chicago police as you know are not gunning down black children. You know that, right?"

Davis admitted that she does not believe police are really murdering black children, though she pointed out that with 70 percent of murders in Chicago going unsolved, people are wondering "what the heck is going on." She also insisted that she has the right to repeat what members of her community tell her -- even if it's outrageous, apparently.

"Not if it's irresponsible, you don't," O'Reilly lectured. "I hear a lot of irresponsible stuff and I don't report it."

But the Chicago Democrat said she doesn't think what she said on radio was irresponsible.

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O'Reilly later went on to battle Davis over the greater problems facing the black community, including the collapse of the traditional black family.

Davis told O'Reilly he was "terribly wrong" in his assumption that the disintegration of the family is currently the biggest problem for blacks. She noted things like poor education and lack of "resources."

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