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NFL Cheerleader Who Served in Iraq Arrested for Assault -- See the Police Video


Megan started yelling “rape” and “help” because she claims she did not know what to do.

(Credit: Right This Minute)

Remember that feel-good story a few days ago about Megan Welter, the Arizona Cardinals cheerleader who put her dancing dreams on hold for seven years so she could serve in the U.S. Army?

(Credit: KNXV-TV)

(Credit: KNXV-TV)

Apparently all is not well in her world.

Welter, 29, was arrested July 20 on charges of disorderly conduct, assault, and criminal damage, according to the Arizona Republic. Here's the police report.

(Credit: Right This Minute)

Here's how Right This Minute describes the incident:

A Scottsdale Police Department report states they were called to Megan Welter’s home in Scottsdale shortly after 3am on July 20.  According to the police report, Megan Welter, an Arizona Cardinals cheerleader, claims she was in a fight with her boyfriend, who sources claim is Ryan McMahon, and that he would not leave. Police recorded video when they responed to the 911 call. She stated they had both gone out to a bar in Scottsdale earlier the previous evening to celebrate her birthday. After they got home, she went upstairs to go to sleep.

Around 3am, she woke up and got upset after her boyfriend went through her cell phone. She stated he was a professional fighter trained in wrestling and that he picked her up and threw her out on the patio and locked the door. A moment later he opened the door and called her “trash”. At this point, Megan started yelling “rape” and “help” because she claims she did not know what to do. After going back inside, she said her boyfriend pushed her down onto the tile floor causing her to hit her head and then began choking her. She also claims her boyfriend smashed her head into a wall. In the report, the officer asked Megan why she did not call police right away. Megan said she did not feel threatened until he began choking her. She claims he squeezed very tight but that she did not feel he would squeeze to the point where she would die. At this point, she claims she grabbed her phone, ran upstairs and locked the door to call police. Welter did admit in the police report that she hit and punched her boyfriend. The officer at the scene detailed in the report that Megan did not have any marks, bruises or redness but that her boyfriend had scratches on his chest, shoulder and back. The officer also noted that both Megan and her boyfriend had bloodshot, water bloodshot eyes and smelled of alcohol.

Welter is scheduled to appear in court on Aug. 15, according to the police report.

Listen to the audio from Welter's 911 call, via Right This Minute:

Here's video taken by police as they arrive at Welter's residence after the 911 call, via Right This Minute; you can hear Welter's altercation with her boyfriend as police review video the boyfriend recorded:

Here's the video from TheBlaze's July 31 feature on Welter's cheerleading success:

(H/T: The Arizona Republic, Right This Minute)



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