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Poll: Women overwhelmingly support ban on late-term abortions

Michal Lura Friedman while pregnant with twins. (Photo: Family photo via New York Daily News)

Via Townhall's Guy Benson, a new poll from Quinnipiac finds that women actually support a key element of the Republicans' war on them.  By a narrow margin of 35 points, a plurality of American women oppose late-term abortions.  In fact, more women oppose the idea than men:

This common-sense “divisive” restriction on aborting viable, pain-capable unborn children wins strong backing from women (60/25), independents (59/26), and Hispanics (59/20).  Respondents aged 18-29 were most likely to support the ban (56 percent in favor) out of any age group surveyed.  Misogynistic extremists, all.

What does this tell you about the so-called War on Women?

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