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Bowler's Rare Chance at Perfect 300 Game Ruined by 'Freak Error' on Very Last Frame


"Holy cow, did you see that?!"


While it's not quite the feat that it used to be, bowling a perfect 300 game is something most bowlers will never accomplish. So, you can imagine the excitement bowler Troy Walker felt when he got the chance to seal his perfect game at the 2013 Luci Bonneau Doubles Tournament in Houston over the weekend.

Unfortunately, a "freak error" on the very last frame ultimately crushed his dreams of a perfect game, according to TMZ.


In video footage captured by InsideBowling.com, the lane rack can be seen coming down unexpectedly and blocking Walker's ball on his very last roll. The crowd along with the announcers were absolutely stunned.

"Oh my god!" one of the announcers shouts. "Holy cow, did you see that?"

"According to Walker, the whole thing may have been his fault because he hit a reset button on the lane right before his throw -- though Walker says he [thought] he was resetting the lane next to his," TMZ notes.

Walker did get a do-over, but by that point the magic was gone and he only managed to knock down seven pins. He finished with an impressive score of 297; however, it will probably be a while before he gets over this one.


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