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Strong Public School Advocate Matt Damon Found to Send His Kids to Private School


"Ultimately we don't have a choice."

Actor Matt Damon was very vocal about his advocacy in favor of the public school system at the keynote speaker at the Washington, D.C., Save Our Schools march slightly more than two years ago. Now, Damon is admitting he had to make the "big, big, big" decision to send his own children to private school.

Matt Damon sends kids to private school Actor Matt Damon went through the public school system himself with a mother who was a teacher and has long been an advocate of public education. But he recently admitted to choosing to send his kids to private school.

But the reason as to why is not what you might think.

In an interview with The Guardian published Friday, Damon explained that this decision came as he and his wife are moving their children from New York to Los Angeles. And it turns out that public schools just aren't quite progressive enough for the Damon brood.

"I mean, I pay for a private education and I'm trying to get the one that most matches the public education that I had, but that kind of progressive education no longer exists in the public system. It's unfair," Damon told The Guardian.

He said there was a "giant family discussion" around the topic and he felt "ultimately we don't have a choice."

Since this decision was announced, some have pounced calling Damon a hypocrite.

In addition to fretting a bit over the decision to move his children out of the public school system -- he is the son of a public school teacher and went through the system himself -- Damon expressed to The Guardian that he worries how L.A. will change the normalcy he said his family has experienced in New York City.

He also said he takes into particular consideration the privilege his children experience as a result of his wealth.

"Our kids are growing up with more privilege than we had; that's true for most of my friends in LA. I don't know any actor who grew up with any particular privilege, so everyone wrestles with this," Damon told The Guardian. "And I think a lot of times it's about being patient with your kids."

"It's something we talk about a lot, but I think ultimately it's about giving them an understanding of the world. So at least they can get some context for where they fit into everything," he continued.

Watch Damon's speech in July 2011 at the Save Our Schools rally in D.C. (Note: Damon starts speaking at 1:55):

Check out The Guardian's full article for more on "where did it all go right for the leftwing activist."

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