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Chuck Todd and Donald Trump are fighting again


NBC News's Chuck Todd sort of inexplicably wrote on Twitter Friday that "Folks using the 2016 campaign as a P.R. stunt seem to not like it when folks point out that it's nothing more than a P.R. stunt."

The tweets weren't pointed at anyone in particular-- except America's No. 1 game show host Donald Trump, even though he wasn't named directly. Earlier, Trump had tweeted that "Sleepy eyes Chuck Todd, when looking at my financial filings, should’ve said 'Great job Mr. Trump, Sir.'"

For his part, the always-defensive Trump was tweeting in response to comments Todd made earlier on MSNBC. "In the here-we go-again, the sideshow that is Donald Trump, he’s apparently showing up for another P.R. stunt," Todd said, referring to Trump's planned address at Saturday's Family Leadership Summit in Iowa. "The question is: Will he drag it out for three years before he finally announces that he’s not running for president so he doesn’t have to turn over all of his business paperwork."

Trump followed up with another tweet: "Doesn’t dummy Chuck Todd realize that when I considered running for president, I filed financial papers showing unbelievable numbers."

Trump disclosed his financial papers in his book Time to Get Tough, which published after he announced that he would not seek the 2012 Republican presidential nomination.

This isn't the first time Todd and Trump have had it out. Back in 2011 Trump trashed the newsman on his MSNBC program, telling him, "I wish you would just sort of say it like it is. I think you would do better. I think you would get better ratings if you did that."

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