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Motorcyclist's Helmet Cam Captures the Moment He Took the Time to Make a Disabled Woman's Day


"He's basically a superhero."

The woman's front wheel had gotten stock between the sidewalk and a flower bed. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

What better way to start the work week than with a little RAC -- that's "random acts of coolness" according to the YouTube channel Ride Victoria.

The channel's latest RAC --  How We Do a Drive-By in Canada -- is actually one of nearly a dozen posted to the site of the good deed trend.

The video footage shows the perspective of the motorcyclist as he cruises down the road. He soon slows, seeing a woman in a motorized wheelchair stuck. Unlike cars that either missed seeing her or ignored her plight, the motorcylist stops.

motorcylist helps wheelchair The motorcyclist sees that the woman might need help. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

The woman had gotten the wheel of her chair stuck in a space between the sidewalk and a flower bed.

"Are you stuck?" the motorcyclist asked, getting off his bike next to her

motorcylist helps wheelchair The woman's front wheel had gotten stuck between the sidewalk and a flower bed. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

Starting to help pull the woman out, the man found that her chair truly was stuck in the dip, having little difficulty getting the chair out on his first couple pulls.

Revising his strategy to free the wheel, the man then is quickly able to set the chair properly back on the sidewalk.

motorcylist helps wheelchair Within a minute the woman was freed and the motrocyclist was back on the road again. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

"Thank you so much," the woman said, giving him a smile.

Then the motorcyclist heads back to his bike, taking to the road again until the next RAC comes his way.

Watch the footage:

The video made its way to the social news site reddit where one commenter described the man.

"Wears a cool helmet and body armor down to his boots. Rides around on a motorbike helping people. He's basically a superhero," the redditor chiropter wrote.

We couldn't agree more. See what sort of RAC you might commit today.

(H/T: LiveLeak)



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