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Beck Hosts Uproarious 'Mock Obama Day,' Complete With a Teleprompter, Bicycles and Mouse Ears


"He looks so good, though, when he's riding a bike...I can see why the media hasn't really mocked him for that."

Glenn Beck announced that it would be "mock Obama day" on his radio program Tuesday, following the controversy at the Missouri State Fair where, after a rodeo clown wore a mask resembling the president's face, everyone from the fair's top officials to the governor apologized, before permanently banning the rodeo clown from performing at the venue in the future.

"Today is mock Obama day," Beck began in a stilted tone, plainly reading from a teleprompter. "We'll be mocking Obama all day today, because that's what we do in America. Obama is not Mohammed."

Beck continued to repeat the statement, even reading it backwards as the prompter reversed direction, explaining softly: "That's all that's in there, I don't know what else...I'm waiting for my speech - staff!  Where's my speech because I don't have my prepared remarks here..."

Beck then showed a picture of the president speaking with two teleprompters at a kindergarten:

(Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Beck's co-host Pat Gray suggested Beck just go off-prompter, before playing a clip of the president saying he's now been in "57 states" with "one left to go," though he was not allowed to visit Alaska and Hawaii.

They then put up an image of a map with a number of extra potential states, saying they know the president just had a slip of the tongue, but the press never gives anyone on the right that courtesy.

"Today, why give [Obama] the benefit of the doubt?" Beck asked.  "Let's really try to figure out which 57 states he was talking about..."

(Photo: TheBlaze TV)

The group also discussed the president's history of athletics, beginning with audio of the president jokingly describing his bowling abilities as "like the Special Olympics or something."

"Anyone else says that, they're excoriated," Gray commented.

They also discussed the president's golf swing, calling it "awful, gawky, and ugly," adding that the man can't throw a baseball, football, or apparently play basketball that well either.

All of which would be fine, if the media didn't continually try to make him an athletic "all star," Beck said.

To better illustrate the point, Beck and his co-hosts donned Minnie Mouse ears with pink bows, before riding little girl bicycles.

"[Obama] looks so good, though, when he's riding a bike," Beck said.  " I can see why the media hasn't really mocked him for that."

(Photo: TheBlaze TV)

(Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Shortly thereafter, Beck's co-host Stu Burguiere put a baby doll on the desk with a note on its stomach reading: "Lil' Punishment."

"You know, that's what a baby is," Burguiere said while still wearing his pink helmet, mocking the president's "punished with a baby" comments.

"You know, two years ago today, Glenn, we had our first punishment, Zach," Burguiere said.  "He was born two years ago today. Today's his birthday and..."'

"Did you learn your lesson?" Beck interrupted.

"No, unfortunately, no. There's another punishment that came after that but, you know, nothing can be as terrifying as being punished with a baby."

(Photo: TheBlaze TV)

The group also donned Obama masks, bringing the issue full-circle:

(Photo: TheBlaze TV)

"[President Obama] has such thin skin," Beck summarized.

"He doesn't think he's God.  He doesn't think he's the president.  He thinks he's Muhammad.  And you will not mock the Prophet Muhammad -- you will not mock the prophet '[peace] be upon him Obama.'  You will not do it."

Watch the complete uproarious segment, below:

Complimentary Clip from TheBlaze TV

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