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Greta Van Susteren says Obama's missed-putt photo 'not spontaneous

Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren

Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren said on Monday's "On the Record" that the much-passed-around photo of President Obama missing a putt on a golf course in Martha's Vineyard "is not spontaneous."

"What was he thinking?" Van Susteren said at the start of her show. "You know photographers don't have an open door to take pictures of the president whenever they want. It's all staged and choreographed with Secret Service standing by. So, this is not spontaneous."

"Is this what leadership looks like?" Susteren asked, suggesting that the photo is "shoving it down the throats" of Americans out of work.

A White House pool report filed Sunday from Martha's Vineyard said the media was given "a rare glimpse of the president's golf game in action."

In February, then-White House Correspondents' Association President Ed Henrypublicly complained about the lack of access the press was given to Obama during his trip to Florida. Back then, Van Susteren blogged that she could "understand the president wanting privacy" on a golf trip.


Via Talking Points Memo:

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