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Revealed: The One Conservative Anthony Weiner Hates the Most


"He said you were the worst."

Anthony Weiner responds to questions after the Democratic New York City mayoral debate Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2013, in New York. Credit: AP

During an interview with Sean Hannity on Tuesday night, Sydney Leathers revealed that the one conservative Anthony Weiner dislikes the most is…Sean Hannity.

Leathers is, of course, one of Weiner's many sex chat partners -- though the most vocal one by far.

Leathers said she expected Weiner to name someone like "Michele Bachmann or some nut I don't like," but he instead singled out the conservative TV host.

"He said you were the worst," she told Hannity.

(Fox News)

But Hannity said he was "proud" of the distinction.

Leathers also delved into her current attempt to cash in on her new-found fame by doing porn, arguing there is no problem with women "being open about their sexuality."

Watch the full interview via Fox News/YouTube:

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