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RNC chairman's CNN, NBC threat bucked by Wall Street Journal


Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus has found support for his threat to boycott CNN and NBC from participating in the 2016 GOP primary debates in the strangest of places. The liberal Media Matters and New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd, to name two.

But he's been hung out to dry by the usually Republican-friendly Wall Street Journal. From a Thursday editorial:

The RNC chair is no doubt right about the bent of the Hillary programs. NBC is planning a miniseries starring Diane Lane as the former first lady, and you can bet she'll come off as a sympathetic and glamorous heroine all the more saintly for having to put up with that cad Bill. CNN's show is a documentary, and the same expectation applies. ...

But what else is new? The Hollywood-media complex is going to line up hard behind Hillary's 2016 Presidential bid, and this is the first salvo. Mr. Priebus can't stop it, he can't even hope to contain it, so all he has done is open himself to complaints that he's acting as Lord Republican Media Censor.

The Journal notes that Priebus "looks all the worse since word has leaked that the Fox network might produce the series with Ms. Lane."

Priebus' threat came after both CNN and NBC announced plans to produce specials based on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's life ahead of the 2016 election.

The New York Post, also generally sympathetic to conservatives in its opinion pages, also sided against Priebus in the boycott.


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