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Al Sharpton Hits Back at Bill O'Reilly After It Was Revealed the MSNBC Host Once Asked Him for Charity Money


"Man up and grow up"

The Rev. Al Sharpton gestures as he takes part in a panel discussion during the National Urban League's annual conference, Friday, July 26, 2013, in Philadelphia. About 6,000 people are attending the conference at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, which began Wednesday. Credit: AP

On Friday morning, Al Sharpton responded to Bill O'Reilly's seemingly true claim that he once asked the conservative TV host for a donation to benefit his broke Harlem charity. O'Reilly on Thursday said he donated $25,000.

The years-old story points out the hypocrisy of Sharpton, who has been bashing him as a "racist and a brutalizer of the poor" all while knowing that is not the case, according to O'Reilly.

However, Sharpton says O'Reilly needs to "man up and grow up."

Credit: AP

"When Mr. O’Reilly started attacking me after my question of the Zimmerman verdict, he started talking about the grievance industry and that I was a ‘racial huckster,’ never telling people he knew better and that he was a contributor of mine," he told the Huffington Post. "If I was huckster, why would he contribute to me?"

O'Reilly said he made the $25,000 donation because he was told that there wasn't enough money to provide Christmas presents and Christmas dinner to the poor.

Sharpton denied ever calling O'Reilly "racist" and also said the Fox News host spoke at a conference for the National Action Network.

"Adults can disagree and work together on different things because they're adults," Sharpton continued. "[O'Reilly] needs to man up and grow up because he needs to understand that just because you make a donation does not mean that people cannot disagree."

On his radio show Friday, Glenn Beck touched on "the game" that is played within the mainstream media.

"Everybody knows how the game is played, and we all have dinner together at the end," Beck said. "That was one of the most grotesque things I ever heard or learned in the media. Because it showed me, it's all a show. They don't actually believe any of these's just a show to them. That's all it is."

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