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Flashback: George H.W. Bush rodeo clown spotted in 1994

Former President George W. Bush turns to speak with his father and former President George H.W. Bush during the Inaugural Parade 20 January 2005 in Washington, DC. (Photo: AFP/Getty Images)

An obligatory reminder given the ridiculous hubbub over the "controversial" Obama rodeo clown...

(Image: AP)

The Washington Examiner's Charlie Spiering notes that Douglas Campbell, a writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer, highlighted another presidential clown's performance in 1994:

I highlight this article only to demonstrate the rich tradition of politically incorrect rodeo clowns. . .

From Campbell's report:

The big white gate flew open. The bull came out bucking. The rider flopped from side to side and the bullfighters held back, letting the bull make his moves until the rider dropped off. Licciardello crouched in a heavily padded barrel, a human target should the bull decide to charge. Hawkins waited near the barrel, holding his big inner tube. A dummy with a George Bush mask stood beside the clown, propped up by a broomstick. …

T.J. Hawkins rolled out the big inner tube, and the bull lowered his head, shot forward and launched into the tube, sending it bounding down the center of the arena. The crowd cheered. Then the bull saw the George Bush dummy. He tore into it, sending the rubber mask flying halfway across the sand as he turned toward the fence, sending cowboys scrambling up the fence rails, hooking one with his horn and tossing him off the fence.


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