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Sitting On A Secret? This Sofa Has a Gun Safe And Bullet-Proof Cushions Too!


It's a standard size sofa with a 78-inch long safe hiding under the cushions.

Image: Heracles Research Corp.

This might be the perfect piece of furniture for the folks living in the Doomsday Castle. It's a full-sized sofa that also houses a large gun safe.

Sofa with a gun safe Image: Heracles Research Corp.

The sofa with a secret comes from the Heracles Research Corporation and is on display this weekend at the Fort Worth Hunter's Extravaganza. It's a standard size sofa, with a 78-inch long safe hiding under the cushions. According to the company's website, the safe has a two hour fire rating. However, weighing in at 650 pounds, it's not likely that your friends will be eager to help when you move.

inside the gun safe sofa Image: Heracles Research Corp.

Security like this does not come at a bargain price. These sofas all list for around $7000.

Heracles also sells a variety of furniture / safe combinations including:

  • An ottoman with a hidden safe
  • A table bunker (with adjustable legs to make it coffee table or dinner table height)
  • A truck bunker (it hides under the back seat of your pickup or SUV)
  • Console bunker for between the front seats of your car
  • King, Queen, and Twin-sized bed bunkers
  • And something called a "Bury Bunker" (air-tight, water-tight, and suitable for hiding below ground)

Sofa Cushions take a bullet Image: YouTube

The crew at Heracles Research Corporation wanted to prove that the cushions on the sofa are actually bullet-proof and able to be taken off and used as shields in a dangerous situation. So they produced a demonstration video showing the cushions taking fire at close range, from a variety of weapons.

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