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Massive Florida Riot Causing Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in Damage Blamed on...Cup of Noodles

Avon Park Youth Academy. (Photo credit: Polk County Sheriff's Office / New York Daily News)

A massive Florida riot at a juvenile correctional facility on Saturday night, resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage and ultimately requiring 150 deputies to restore order, was triggered by a bet over Cup Noodles, police say.

Riot Seven juveniles were injured during the riot, with one individual sustaining a broken leg. (Photo credit: Polk County Sheriff's Office)

According to ABC Action News, a preliminary investigation revealed two basketball teams at the youth academy wagered a set of Cup Noodles soups for the winning team. When the losing team refused to pay up, a fight broke up and eventually descended into a "full blown riot" at around 8:30 PM.

"I watched them throw objects at us and our deputies," Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd reportedly said. "I watched them break windows."

Avon Park Youth Academy Avon Park Youth Academy. (Photo credit: Polk County Sheriff's Office)

The juveniles reportedly set fire to an office building holding their records. 18 of the 20 buildings at the facility were reportedly heavily damaged, resulting in "hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage," said Polk County Sheriff's Office Spokeswoman Carrie Eleazer.

Ultimately, 150 officers, many dressed in full riot gear, were brought to the scene to restore order. Law enforcement officials regained control of the facility near midnight, hours after the riot had initially broken out.

In the chaos, no juveniles were able to escape and there were no reported injuries among law enforcement officers.

(H/T: ABC Action News / Micah Grimes)

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