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Muslim Scholar Goes Off on 'Million Muslim March' Organizer: 'You're a Stooge and a Frontman


"The march should be called, 'how to radicalize Muslims in one march'."

(Fox News)

In a contentious segment on "Hannity" Monday night, Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, a Muslim scholar who has made clear his desire to battle radical Islam around the globe, blasted one of the organizers behind the controversial "Million Muslim March" planned on the anniversary of 9/11 in Washington, D.C. Jasser dismissed Chris Phillips as a "stooge and a frontman."

Jasser argued Phillips and his group should marching on the steps of the Fort Hood trial and protesting all of the churches that are being burned by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt to combat radical Islam.

"I haven’t met a Muslim that isn’t offended by the exploitation of 9/11," Jasser said later in the broadcast. He also referred to the march as a 9/11 "truther"movement.

(Fox News)

Phillips said his group "renounces all violence," but he was more evasive when asked about the anti-Semites who are reportedly invited to the event, including Louis Farrakhan. Phillips adamantly denied being an anti-Semite and argued "anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism are not the same thing."

Before concluding the segment, Hannity aired a picture that Phillips posted of him dressed as a clown and then asked: "How would you feel if someone did that to the Prophet Mohammad?"

"I don’t worship Islam and I would be offended if friends of mine were offended. I’m not a Muslim," Phillips replied.

Jasser then jumped back into the debate, slamming the organizer as a "stooge."

"You’re a stooge and frontman for an organization that is destroying the mission to fight radical Islam around the globe," he said.

Watch the entire exchange via Fox News/Mediaite:

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