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Brave Philly Kid Feels .40 Cal to the Head During Robbery by Devilish Trio -- But It Isn't the First Time They've Met



Three robbers allegedly held a boy at gunpoint. (Photo provided by Philly.com)

A 13 year-old boy staying home alone was held at gunpoint and told to "chill out" by a team of three armed robbers on Monday morning, police say. And it apparently wasn't the first time.

In broad daylight, at approximately 11:30 AM, the boy, investigating a suspicious noise emitting from his mother's room, saw a man climbing into the house through the second-floor window, according to Philly.com. The boy reportedly attempted to make a run towards the phone to dial 911, but was grabbed by the arm of one of the alleged invaders, Daniel Taylor.

Taylor, 28, reportedly held a .40-caliber Glock to the back of the boy's head and told him to "chill out." He then forced the boy downstairs to deactivate the alarm and let his two accomplices in through the front door.

The other two suspects were identified as Terreek Irving, 25, and Imanuel Forbes, 27.

However, unbeknownst to the gang of burglars, a neighbor had reportedly seen Taylor holding the boy at gunpoint through the window and alerted authorities.

Three robbers allegedly held a boy at gunpoint. Three robbers allegedly held a boy at gunpoint. (Photo provided by Philly.com)

Taylor reportedly then "jumps from the roof and is taken by police." The other two burglars were found hiding elsewhere in the home.

According to Darby Police Superintendent Chitwood, the 13-year-old boy had confronted the robbers before. He said the boy recognized one of the men as the individual who had tried to break in the previous week.

"[F]or these guys to come back twice in a broad-daylight home invasion is brazen," Chitwood reportedly said.

The three burglars were charged with robbery, terroristic threats recklessly and endangering another person and all held on a bond of $100,000.

(H/T: Philly.com)

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