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The Hour Grows Late': Beck Pleads Americans to Stand With Egyptian Christians -- Here's How You Can Start


"If you don't wake up to the hatred soon, it will be too late to stand with anyone."

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Glenn Beck implored his audience on Thursday to set aside whatever differences they may have and stand with the Coptic Christians in Egypt, who are being systematically isolated and attacked amid the latest wave of unrest.

As a way to increase awareness of the Egyptians' plight, Beck specifically asked listeners to add a "Twibbon," or filter, over their photographs on social media websites.  The filter reads: "#IAMCOPTIC."

Here's an example of how it works, via the Twibbon website:

Image via Twibbon

"It's got to start someplace," Beck said. "We are the people that -- once you see the pictures of the starving people in Ethiopia -- we do something about it.  Please help people see what's going on.  I still believe that when people see what's going on, their hearts will be softened and they will change and they will stand."

Beck said his news crews have been in contact with Coptic Christians in Egypt as part of the "For the Record" episode airing Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. ET, and the stories the media is failing to cover are appalling.

"We have video of a girl walking down the street -- she was coming home from Bible class -- 14 years old, just by herself, minding her own business," Beck said. "Guy comes out, Muslim Brotherhood guy comes out...shoots her dead in the middle of the street.  And the audience, or the people in the streets, do nothing at best, [or] they cheer."

"Muslim Brotherhood," he repeated, proceeding to quote Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. "You know, the ones who 'eschew violence'?"

A picture taken on August 18, 2013 shows the Amir Tadros Coptic Church in Minya, some 250 kms south of Cairo, which was set ablaze on August 14, 2013. (Getty Images)

Beck also told the story of a "burned out shell" of a Coptic Christian church whose priest was still holding services, though people were being shot just outside.

"And what do they do?" he continued. "They were holding signs behind the priest that just said, 'Muslim brother, I pray for you because we are still brothers.' Now think of that."

An Egyptian Coptic Christian woman prays in a church within Al-Mahraq Monastery in Assiut, Upper Egypt, Tuesday, Aug. 6, 2013. (AP)

"Put your differences aside," Beck urged. "What do you say we work together for the freedom of mankind? What do you say we work together so evil does not sweep the Earth...Please, I'm begging you, stand together. Because the hour grows late. And if you don't wake up to the hatred soon, it will be too late to stand with anyone."

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