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Spotted on MSNBC: Fidel Castro's brownshirts?

Spotted on MSNBC: Fidel Castro's brownshirts?

The sharp eyes of Christian Adams spotted an interesting sight during MSNBC's Thursday evening broadcast.  During an hour-long special on voting rights, host Rachel Maddow warned voter ID laws will almost certainly mean broad disenfranchisement for voters everywhere. Blah, blah, blah. Her arguments were about as compelling as they normally are -- that is to say, not at all. But it was something in the background which caught Adams' attention...

He writes:

Naturally the show featured a parade of college democrats and academics out of central casting, including professor and Castro apologist Renee Scherlen.  Notice the sign behind Scherlen deliberately placed on camera...

(Image: Screenshot/MSNBC)

The sign advertises Fidel Castro's Committees for the Defense of the Revolution.  The slogan of the CDR is, "¡En cada barrio, Revolución!" -- "In every neighborhood, Revolution!"

(Image: Wikipedia)

Created in 1960, Castro proclaimed it "a collective system of revolutionary vigilance," established "so that everybody knows who lives on every block, what they do on every block, what relations they have with the tyranny, in what activities are they involved, and with whom they meet."

Translating Cuba has more info on the CDR:

The CDRs are and have been one of the most effective weapons to collectivize society and get unconditional support for Castro’s strange theories. And one way to manage the nation. They were also the standard bearers at the time, shouting insults, throwing stones and punching the Cubans who thought differently or decided to leave their homeland.

The CDRs are a version of Mussolini’s brownshirts. Or one of those collective monstrosities created by Adolf Hitler. More or less. Over 5 million people are integrated into the ranks of the CDRs on the island.

Membership is not mandatory. But it forms part of the conditioned reflexes established in a society designed to genuflect, applaud and praise the “leaders”.

Although many people have no desire to take part in revolutionary events and marches, or to attend the acts of repudiation against the Ladies in White and the dissident protestors, as if they were on a safari, in a mechanical way at the age of 14, most Cuban children join the CDR.

It forms part of the greased and functional machine of the Creole mandarins. A collective society, where the good and bad must be doled out by the regime.

Uh, so why was this being advertised on MSNBC?

"Perhaps Scherlen hangs this sign because she collects relics of totalitarian murder, perhaps she is sympathetic," Adams suggests.  "Given her scholarship tends to be pro-Castro, I'll go with Door #2.  Hanging a sign for En Cada Barrio is the equivalent of hanging a recruiting poster for the S.A. whatever the motive."

Viva el socialismo, MSNBC!

Video of the segment after the jump.

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