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Wicked' Cool: Sometimes Your Dream of Singing Stardom Can Come True When You Least Expect It -- and You Give Everyone Chills


"This is not like me - to jump up and wave my arms like a crazy person and raise my voice at a celebrity."

Horn (L) and Chenoweth backstage after the show. (Source: Sarah Horn via BroadwayWorld.com)

Get ready to exercise your facial muscles on this one.

You know that moment you're at a concert and the star does the obligatory survey of the crowd to see if someone wants to join the show on stage and help sing a hit? That's what Broadway star Kristin Chenoweth did at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles on Friday night when she invited Sarah Horn to the stage for a duet of the tear-jerking song "For Good" from the musical "Wicked" (Chenoweth played one of the original lead roles, Glinda).

The surprising catch? Horn is a voice teacher. And not only did she know the words and the melody, she also perfectly nailed the harmony, leaving even Chenoweth (and the audience) amazed.

Watch one voice teacher's dreams come true below (and maybe grab a tissue):

So if you're wondering if this was truly a coincidence or a setup, Horn wrote about her experience on the website BroadwayWorld.com and says it's 100 percent real. And it's even more of an incredible story than the video shows.

Horn (L) and Chenoweth backstage after the show. (Source: Sarah Horn via BroadwayWorld.com)

See, because of a ticket mix-up with some of those in Horn's group, she got to sit closer to the front. So when Chenoweth began perusing the crowd for volunteers, she was in the perfect position.

Here's how she explains what happened next:

Toward the end of the second half of the performance, Kristin wanders on to the pasarel. She held a mic up to a lady in front of me and asked if she knew the song "For Good." Nope. I took the chance, as I was directly behind Kristin, to stand up and wave and say, "I know the song!"

This is not like me - to jump up and wave my arms like a crazy person and raise my voice at a celebrity. As soon as she turned to look at me, I say right back down... and calmly said, "Hiiiii."

One of Kristin's backup singers held a mic up to my face so I could answer some questions:

"What's you're name?" - "Sarah."

"Who's your favorite broadway star?" I sarcastically hummm as if it's a difficult question to answer.

"Do you know the song 'For Good'?" - "Yes. It's one of my favorites." This seemed to peak her interest.

After this, she moved down the line and asked a guy if he knew the song and bantered with him for a few seconds. Afterwards, she said something about going back to pick me because I was a girl. Then, she invited me up on stage.

Horn was swarmed with people after wondering if she was a plant. She says no. And now, she's one of the happiest people on the face of this earth.

She told KTLA-TV more about her experience, saying that when Chenoweth began surveying the crowd she actually thought she was looking for a plant:

"On the walk to our car, my father reminded me that he had prayed 11 years ago that I would one day sing with Kristin Chenoweth," Horn writes. "I smiled an even larger smile, grasped his arm, and asked him to keep praying impossible prayers because they just might come true."

Full disclosure: The author has always dreamed of singing a duet with Kristin Chenoweth.

(H/T: HuffPo)

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