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Police Claim They've Solved the Case Surrounding Violent Robbers Posing as Mormon Missionaries


Two men have been identified as suspects in the case.

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Earlier this summer, a man was violently robbed at his home in Las Vegas, Nev., by two individuals who were seemingly posing as Mormon missionaries. The assailants were going door-to-door, wearing shirts, ties and backpacks. They told one homeowner that they wanted to speak with him about religion and after about five minutes of doing so, they subsequently beat and stole from him. Now, police claim that they have cracked the troubling case.

As TheBlaze previously reported, the victim of the attack had a surveillance system installed outside of his home, providing authorities with images of the attackers. Following the June 27 incident, police used these pictures to find the alleged assailants -- as task that would likely have been much more difficult without the images.

Abraham Austin (left) and Robert Estall (right) are suspects in the fake Mormon missionary case. (Photo Credit: LVMPD)

Two men have been identified as suspects in the case. The Las Vegas Sun reports that Abraham Austin, 28, has been arrested. Another man, 25-year-old Robert Estall, remains at large and Las Vegas Metro Police are asking for tips about his whereabouts.

Austin was arrested on charges, including: conspiracy to commit robbery, battery to commit robbery, robbery with a deadly weapon, battery with a deadly weapon and kidnapping and burglary with a gun.

KTNV-TV has more:

The alleged assailants are described by KSL-TV as former military members (tipsters apparently told police that the men had been discharged from the military). In addition to beating the man at gunpoint, they allegedly took his medical marijuana.

After they arrived at the victim's door and he attempted to turn them away, they began attacking him, court records claim. After pistol whipping him on his face and the back of his head, the man told the attackers that he has AIDS, according to an account published by KSL-TV (it's unclear whether this detail is true). The claim allegedly sent one of the assailants rushing to the bathroom to wash the man's blood off of his hands.

Then, the attackers went to a safe in the home, where they nabbed the marijuana. The victim was held face down on the garage door with a gun held to the back of his head during the robbery.

The search for Estall continues.

(H/T: Las Vegas Sun)



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