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TV critics delighted with Olbermann's ESPN return, also wonder when he'll quit or get fired


Two reviews on Keith Olbermann's full re-debut on ESPN Monday night linger on one possibility: He could easily flame out, just as he did at MSNBC, Current and ESPN before that.

From Brian Lowry at Variety:

Olbermann closed with his signature tribute to Edward R. Murrow — “Good night, and good luck” — but given the modest rating demands on this secondary channel and how well the format suits him, he might not need much of the latter. As for just how many good nights the Olbermann/ESPN2 marriage has in it, with Olbermann, that’s always the several-million-dollar question.

And from The Daily Beast's Lloyd Grove:

... Olbermann’s first outing was a jampacked hour of well-produced television—and he has set expectations pretty high for his five-night-a-week burlesque, satire, and sports-news program.

“What, we’re doing this every night?” KO wondered at one point.

Absolutely—until he isn’t.

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