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Revealed: How Often Do Single Men Change Their Sheets?



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A new survey released last week reveals single men rarely change their bed sheets.

The survey, commissioned by U.K. mattress company Ergoflex, found that single male respondents between the ages of 18 and 55 only change their sheets an average of four times a year.

"The stand-out respondents of the survey were 18-25 year old single men, 55 percent of whom reportedly change their sheets on average every 3.1 months, a statistic that was unsurprisingly the most eye-catching of the report," the company said.

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In comparison, women appear to change their sheets much more frequently than their male counterparts.

"[W]e found 62 percent of women aged 35-50 changed their sheets on average every week," the company said.

The survey also found that being in a relationship "clearly influenced the situation as bed-sheets were changed on average every 2.3 weeks with couples."

The study has provoked some interesting reaction from around the web.

"We have to wash our sheets???" said Fred Blaster of MSN.com.

"Three months?" that often?" commented David Coleman of Metro.co.uk.

The article detailing the study's findings adds that multiple health factors are associated with not regularly changing sheets, including dust mites and bed bugs.

(H/T: CBS News)

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