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Limbaugh: GOP now 'respected less than' ever 'in my lifetime

(Fox News)

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh said on his show Wednesday that congressional Republicans who are "doing everything they can right now to make Democrats love them" are now "respected less" than ever "in my lifetime."

"They're talking amnesty, they're talking-- whatever Democrats say they have to do, Republicans are doing it and look what it's getting them," Limbaugh said to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who was on the show as a guest. "I think they're respected less than they have been in my lifetime, right now."

The GOP has been on a downward trend in terms of public approval since it hit a high point after the 9/11 attack. A Gallup poll in June showed that Republican favorability was at 39 percent while Democrats were at 46 percent. Republicans were, however, viewed less favorably (31 percent approval) in 1999.

Listen to the full Limbaugh segment featuring Cruz here.


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