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The 'Sort Of Terrifying' Infographic Israel's Embassy Created to Show All the Threats the Country Faces


"Some may say the map is alarmist..."

Threats from the north, south, east, west, from nearby and from afar. That’s the gist of an alarming map graphic that the Israeli Embassy in the U.S. posted this week.

“Some may say the map is alarmist,” the embassy said in a community post on BuzzFeed. “Undeniably, the map is our geopolitical reality, and we will be vigilant in protecting our people and our borders.”

“Threats Facing Israel, Explained In One (Sort Of Terrifying) Map,” reads the headline.

Text on the map describes the myriad of threats: terror organization Hezbollah’s arsenal of 70,000 rockets in Lebanon which Israel says can hit all parts of Israel; Syria, where President Bashar Assad’s army possesses chemical weapons and ballistic missiles and where global radical Islamists are now also amassing; Gaza, where Hamas possesses 10,000 rockets; the West Bank where radical forces oppose Palestinian Authority rule; and the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt which has become a lawless magnet for Al Qaeda-linked groups.

“And, as attention in the Middle East jumps from one hotspot to another, the public is losing sight of the greatest threat to international peace and security: Iran’s military nuclear program,” the embassy said. “Iran is developing its breakout capacity by stockpiling large quantities of low enriched uranium, expanding its ability to swiftly enrich uranium, and advancing a parallel plutonium track."

The embassy calls the Iranian pursuit of nuclear weapons “an unprecedented threat.”



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