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Famous Comedian Stuns Noisy Audience When He Drops Mic, Walks Off Stage: 'Thank You, Goodnight


Not cool.

(Credit: Comedy Central)

Comedian Dave Chappelle, who famously walked away from his multimillion dollar "Chappelle's Show" contract, reportedly walked off stage during his performance in Hartford, Conn., on Thursday after being heckled.

He had only gotten through a few minutes of his comedy act at the Comcast Theatre when he paused the show because people were making too much noise, according to the Laugh Button. Several other Twitter users corroborated the story.

(Credit: Comedy Central)

When the hecklers wouldn't quiet down, Chappelle reportedly sat on a stool and began smoking. He eventually gave up, dropped the mic and waked off the stage.

"Thank you, goodnight," he said.

The Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival, a summer comedy tour, was supposed to be Chappelle's "big return to the stage," the Huffington Post notes.

Watch the video below:


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