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B.S. of A.' Comedy Show Spoofs 'Revolutionary' Siri Advancement as Apple Makes iPhone Announcement


"This is just one of the ways we innovate here at Apple..."

As Apple introduces two new iPhone models, TheBlaze TV's comedy show "The B.S. of A." has spoofed what some users really want to see on the new devices -- a way to get rid of Siri, the mysterious electronic woman who lives in newer iPhones and never seems to accomplish what you asked.

"About fifteen minutes after getting their phone, 99.9% of iPhone users realize that everything Siri does, from sending messages to setting alarms, is about a thousand times easier with your fingers," a mock Apple representative says with a smile at the beginning of the sketch.  "So at that point, Siri 2.0 does something revolutionary.  It deletes itself, freeing up memory, and making your iPhone easier to use!"

But Siri doesn't just disappear.

Another "Apple" representative then comes on the screen to explain Siri's demise, which will be unique to each iPhone.

"We've programmed her to emit a horrible death cry," he says proudly.  "Sometimes she'll scream, sometime she'll cry..."

This will make iPhone users feel bad, and therefore more likely to welcome her return a month later.

"This is just one of the ways we innovate here at Apple," the commercial continues.  "We're constantly trying to bring our customers into the future, even if the ways we do so are unhelpful and inconvenient.  You just have to keep trying!"

Watch the complete sketch below:

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