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This Unbelievably Uncomfortable Anthony Weiner MSNBC Interview Is a Wreck


“You are being driven by some kind of demons in some strange directions and I'm wondering why --"

New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner appeared Monday night on MSNBC to discuss his campaign -- but was instead forced to sit through a psychoanalysis from cable news host Lawrence O’Donnell.

O’Donnell’s main question for Weiner: “What is wrong with you?”

As you can imagine, things didn’t start out too well and the interview quickly disintegrated into shouting as O’Donnell clung lovingly to this line of questioning.


“What is wrong with you that you cannot seem to imagine a life without elected office?” O’Donnell demanded.

Weiner appeared slightly confused by the question, requesting that the show’s host to explain his meaning.

"I don't understand the question, what is wrong with me that I care so much about the issues that I fight for every day, that I have my entire career?" Weiner said.

O’Donnell said he doesn’t have an issue with Weiner’s tawdry sexting scandals, explaining that the candidate’s sexting is “standard American photography that's floating around the Internet right now." Rather, the host continued, he wanted to know why the former New York congressman has a “desperate,” “relentless,” even pathological desire to be in public office.

This time Weiner seemed confused and annoyed by the line of questioning.

“Lawrence, Lawrence, chillax buddy,” he said, “just dial it down a second."

O’Donnell continued to beat the psychoanalysis drum: “You are being driven by some kind of demons in some strange directions and I'm wondering why --"

"Lawrence do you wanna' ask me a question or do you have me on a harangue with a split screen?" Weiner interjected. "This can't be good TV for anybody."

The host realized the segment was running out of time so he offered Weiner some additional minutes in an online-only segment.

"Nobody watches the show, who do you think is online?" Weiner said.

Ultimately, however, Weiner agreed to it.

Here’s the first segment that aired on MSNBC:

And here’s the wrap-up segment that aired online (O’Donnell dialed it back a notch, but it’s still cringe-worthy all around):

So what do you think? Was that the biggest train wreck of an interview you've ever seen?

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