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Video: Motorcycles Rumble Through on the Way to D.C. for 9/11 Rally


• "There are easily several thousand motorcycles here for 9-11 ride"• HuffPo: Million Muslim March more like "a few hundred people walking down the street"• Video: Anti-Muslim protesters bash Allah, Muhammed• Pictures appear to show anemic Million Muslim March • Several riders involved in an accident• Awesome video of motorcyles rumbling through!

(Source: Twitter.com/founding_ideals)

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While the bikers heading to Washington, D.C., for the "2 Million Bikers to D.C." rally to commemorate 9/11 (and counter the million Muslim march) aren't expected into the nation's capital until around 11 a.m., pictures and video are still surfacing of them making their way.

The local NBC station in D.C. says riders will be first hitting the area around 9 a.m. before reaching their ultimate destination a couple hours later.

We've compiled some of the preparation and early action below and will bring you more complete coverage from our reporters on the ground when they roll in:

WATE-TV in Tennessee has video of bikers from that area departing to join the rally:

WPMT-TV in Harrisburg, PA, chronicled a local group's participation:

And WTOL-TV in Toledo, OH, did the same thing last week:

This video from Smithfield, NC, shows a group rolling through at night:

The event's Facebook page posted a schedule:

(Source: 2 Million Bikers to DC Facebook page)

And organizers also posted some pictures of organizers firing up the crowd and  showing just some of the numerous motorcycles already lining up at a meeting point in Maryland:

(Source: 2 Million Bikers to DC Facebook page)

Co-organizer Belinda Bee (left) appears with an unidentified speaker addressing the biker crowd. (Source: 2 Million Bikers to DC Facebook page)

Ohio bikers present co-organizer Belinda Bee with a flag of honor. (Source: 2 Million Biker to DC Facebook page)

One Twitter user posted another picture showing the line outside the local bike shop. She says the bikes are four to six wide:

(Source: Twitter.com/ineedaname13)

Another user posted a different angle:

(Source: Twitter.com/founding_ideals)

Belinda Bee, one of the rally's co-organizers who told TheBlaze on Monday the story of the group being denied a permit by the Park Service, told her story again this morning on "Fox & Friends":

11:30 am ET

Blaze reader Joe Roberts, who says he's a retired Marine Corps master sergeant, sent these pictures in as he's waiting to start his ride.

"I don't think the progressives on the hill will be able to ignore this," he says:

(Source: Joe Roberts)

(Source: Joe Roberts)

(Source: Joe Roberts)

Dick Uliano, whose Twitter profile says he's a reporter for WTOP, sent out a message saying that there are "easily several thousand motorcycles" at the area he was stationed:


He also sent out a picture as the kickstands came up and the riders began rolling:

(Source: Twitter.com/DickUliano)

12:00 pm ET

According to local outlet WTOP-RADIO, it appears the bikers may not be actually entering the capital as a massive group.

They reportedly will not go into D.C. as a large group.

"There are so many motorcycles that trying to go through Washington, D.C., would not have worked," Eric Zern, a ride organizer from Hagerstown, MD, told the station.

Instead, the station says the group will travel one time on the Outer Loop of the Capital Beltway from Prince George's County to Montgomery County and then into Virginia. They'll then return to where they started, the Harley Davidson story in Fort Washington, MD.

However, individual riders can decide if they'd like to divert themselves into D.C.

You can try and capture the arrival via DC's extensive traffic camera system.

In fact, one video posted to YouTube appears to have been taken from one of those cameras:

Other videos are surfacing as well claiming to show the bikers on the highway:

And if you're wondering how the "Million Muslim March" is going, even the Huffington Post is doubting whether it will live up to it's billing, publishing a story with the headline: “‘Million Muslim March’ Shaping Up To Be More Like A Few Hundred People Walking Down The Street.”

12:39 pm ET

Uliano says that the bikers have completed their planned loop, and now "small groups" are likely to visit the city:


One of TheBlaze's reporter on the ground, Oliver Darcy, has captured video of that:

12:51 pm ET

TheBlaze's Oliver Darcy sends along two more videos, one capturing just how many bikes are lined up in one location, and another of a participant saying he's part of the Million Muslim March welcoming committee:

12:56 pm ET:

TheBlaze's Sara Carter tried to find the Million Muslim March but couldn't. She reports the bikers she met couldn't find it either:


She added later:

[blackbirdpie url="http://hotair.com/greenroom/archives/2013/09/11/pro-rebel-syria-researcher-fired-for-false-doctoral-claim/"]

Carter reports there are "thousands" of bikes in the capital, including one guy that came all the way from Seattle.

In fact, Carter even got on the back of a different biker's ride to see what it was like:


"Nobody is going to disgrace this day," participant Mitch Hannon, her motorcycle chauffeur, told her.

1:42 pm ET

Another reporter from WTOP sent out pictures of the Million Muslim March, renamed the Million American March Against Fear. It appears the predictions of a small crowed may have even underestimated how small:

(Credit: Twitter/JohnAaronWTOP

See more here.

1:50 pm ET

WUSA-TV reports several riders were involved in an accident. Video shows them stopped on the highway.

You can read our follow up story.

We discussed the biker rally extensively on today's BlazeCast:

4:00 pm ET

5:00 pm ET

TheBlaze's Oliver Darcy got exclusive footage of anti-Muslim protesters clashing with those there for the Million Muslim march.

"Allah is a Lie!"

"Muhammad is a pedophile!"

Those are just some of the quotes. See the contentious video in our separate story.


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