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If You Ever Had a Teenage Daughter Who Liked Skimpy Shorts, What This Dad Did Could Make Him Your Hero


Thinking "outside the box."

Seasoned parents know all too well what it’s like to go through the obligatory daughter/wardrobe fight.

Sometimes the fights are ugly and sometimes they’re hysterical.

The following story falls into the second category.

Unhappy with his daughter’s penchant for wearing short shorts, Utah dad Scott Mackintosh decided to kick things up a notch by giving his daughter a taste of her own medicine, according to the Mackintosh’s family blog.

And by that we mean he decided one night to dress like his daughter. In public. The results are hysterically awful:

The Mackintoshs were on their way out for a family dinner when Scott decided to take a pair of scissors to his jeans, the blog explains.

"As I walked out to the car I could see my daughter and her brother in the backseat with their heads down focused on their phones," Scott Mackintosh said. "Needless to say they didn't even notice."

Oh, but they noticed quickly enough -- and there was nothing they could do about it.

Scott took his family out to dinner and then they played miniature golf. And just for good measure, he offered to get the family dessert a local ice cream joint.

"As I pulled into a stall, my daughter said, ‘Uh, no! We are not going in!' I said ‘Sure we are, let's go!' ‘Let's go through the drive up,' she said. We went in, but she stayed in the car,” Scott Mackintosh said.

He adds that he’s not entirely sure if the lesson worked, but he’s glad he at least tried to think “outside the box.”

"I don't think my object lesson of ‘modest is hottest' made the statement I had intended," he said. "But no matter if social media gets the story mixed up and twisted, my daughter will always know that her dad loves her and cares about her enough to make a fool out of himself."

You can read the entire family blog post here.


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