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Crook Tries to Nab Woman's $100 but All He Got Was 'Half of the Bill, a Punch in the Face and Two Felony Charges


“I thought that maybe he was passing out flyers or something."

A Michigan woman might have made a poor choice holding a $100 bill out in the open as she walked to a party store earlier this month, but it's the man who tried to take it from her who got the worst of it.

Loura Welborn was walking to King’s Party Store in Bay City on September 5, holding the large bill and talking on her cellphone at the time, telling a friend she was upset she hadn't broken it yet, according to the Bay City Times.

king's party store King's Party Store in Bay City, Michigan. (Image via Google Street View)

As the 24-year-old woman was walking through the store's parking lot, she was approached by 41-year-old Torrence Darby.

“I thought that maybe he was passing out flyers or something,” the Bay City Times reported of Welborn's statement in police reports. “When I got close, he told me that he is a dope man and he asked me what I needed.”

Darby grabbed the bill and hopped in his car with Welborn going after him, leading to a fist fight where punches were thrown by both. Welborn ended up tearing the bill in two and was left in the parking lot when Darby drove away. But she took down his license plate number and called the police.

According to the Bay City Times, Bay City Police later found and arrested Darby, who has now been served with two felony charges for unarmed robbery and larceny, which come with a 15-year and 10-year punishment, respectively. The man is expected to appear in court on October 1.

As the Bay City Times put it, "all he wound up with was half of the bill, a punch in the face and two felony charges."

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