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Jay Carney says his former Time colleague thought he was a Republican


The Washington Post takes a look at the exceptionally large revolving door that exists between the Obama administration and the national news media. Included in the piece is an interview with the most high-profile example of that door:

[White House Press Secretary Jay] Carney makes no secret of his loyalties to Obama now but defends his objectivity and professionalism as a journalist [for Time] when he covered candidate Obama and Washington generally. “I was definitely excited by and privately supported Obama in 2008,” he said. “But I think any reading of my coverage as a reporter would show that I was not an ideologue. [Time columnist] Joe Klein said he thought I was a Republican” when Carney joined Biden’s staff.

Earlier this month The Atlantic estimated that there were at least 15 reporters working in the Obama administration. The Washington Post piece puts the number to "at least 20."


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