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Chris Matthews Actually Cracks Joke About 'Killing O'Reilly


"When are we going to have the book we've really been waiting for...?"

On Comedy Central's "Colbert Report" Wednesday MSNBC's Chris Matthews left the audience in awe when he made a joke at the expense of Fox News anchor Bill O'Reilly.

Matthews was on the program to promote a new book about the political relationship between President Ronald Reagan and Democratic House Speaker Tip O'Neil. "Why didn't you call it 'Killing Tip and the Gipper?'" show host Stephen Colbert joked.

"When are we going to have the book we've really been waiting for, Killing O'Reilly?" Matthews shot back with an audible "oh!" from the audience.

O'Reilly has published a series of bestselling books using "Killing" in the title, including "Killing Lincoln," "Killing Kennedy" and the latest, "Killing Jesus."

Matthews's joke was an identical one made Monday by Jon Stewart of "The Daily Show."

"How's the zombie movie you're making?" O'Reilly asked Stewart, referring to a film Stewart is making which is actually about a journalist detained and tortured in Iran.

"It's actually-- it's called 'Killing O'Reilly," Stewart replied.

Watch Matthews's segment on "Colbert":


The Colbert Report

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And here's the segment from Monday with O'Reilly and Stewart:

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

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