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Obamacare Stunner: Exchange Poster Boy Never Actually Enrolled in Obamacare but Claims 'I Have Not Misled Anyone


"Either somebody is lying, or the Henderson family needs to work on its communication skills."

(Credit: WRCB-TV)

TheBlaze updated Friday's story about Chad Henderson — the 21-year-old self-confessed supporter of President Obama whose story about signing up for Obamacare the very first day has been widely publicized — with the shocking news from an interview his father gave saying Henderson, to his knowledge, never actually purchased an Obamacare plan.

Turns out that's absolutely true.

(Credit: WRCB-TV)

Sarah Kliff, the reporter Henderson spoke to initially at the Washington Post, sounded none too pleased about this newest twist.

"Chad never told me that his dad had signed up, but did say he enrolled in a plan around 3 a.m. Tuesday morning," Kliff writes. "Either somebody is lying, or the Henderson family needs to work on its communication skills."

In a follow-up interview Friday, Kliff writes that Henderson says he completed an application for coverage and knows what plan he wants to purchase, but he hasn't yet enrolled in that insurance plan.

Here's a transcript of the follow-up interview Kliff conducted with Henderson [emphasis added in red]:

Sarah Kliff: So your dad says you haven't purchased health insurance.

Chad Henderson: Here’s my response. Most reporters, I’m not calling anyone out especially you, they haven't had access to the web site. They weren't very clear as to how the process went. Most people have no understanding that it’s a two step process. One is you fill out an application. It sends you a notification received successfully.

The next step is comparing the prices, comparing all the plans. And that’s when you purchase the plan. I said I enrolled in the marketplace. I never said I chose a specific plan. But the number I gave you, the $175 or $200 or whatever, that is the plan I am choosing. My dad is choosing a different plan. So, enrollment meant that my application was sent and approved. That’s what I meant by enrollment. I have not purchased a specific plan. That’s what’s confusing people.

My dad was right. I have chosen mine. He hasn't chosen his yet.

Sarah Kliff: So let me make sure I understand things right here. You went through the part of the website where you entered in your information and found out what you qualified for, and that's done. And you got to the part where you can compare plans, but you have not purchased a plan?

Chad Henderson: We have not purchased a specific.The application has information and once you submit it, it reviews eligibility. Obviously I'm not eligible for Medicaid because our governor isn't expanding it. And that’s what I meant by enrollment. I had assumed that I never said I purchased a plan or enrolled in marketplace. I’m not backing down on my comments. I have not misled anyone.

Sarah Kliff: I think where a lot of us got confused is you said you had enrolled in a plan when you haven't purchased a health plan. You told us the amount of the premium you were going to pay.

Chad Henderson: I understand that. I was giving you guys a number as to what I’m choosing.

Adding to the confusion is a Facebook post by Henderson that has mysteriously disappeared. As we pointed out earlier Friday, Henderson began either deleting or hiding (you can hide some posts from the public) "sponsored" Facebook posts. In one of those, he calls his story "my Obamacare enrollment story."

TheBlaze was able to grab a screen shot before it went missing:

(Source: Facebook screen shot)

Intentional or not, he's certainly confused a lot of people.

(H/T: The Washington Post; Reason)



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