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‘Shots Fired!': The Chilling Moment a Man Opens Fire on a Cop on the Side of the Road, and It Becomes One of the Last Things He Ever Does


“Sir, get back in the car for me now!”

(Credit: KATU)

After Oregon State Police Trooper Matthew Zistel pulled over John Van Allen for speeding, the scene got quite chilling.

Van Allen, as seen on Zistel's dashcam video, hops out of the car dressed in what appears to be military-style clothing, stands with a defensive posture facing the police cruiser — which hadn't yet come to a complete stop — and has one arm behind his back, notes KATU-TV.

(Credit: KATU)

“Police! Get back in the car for me,” Zistel tells the 34-year-old driver.

Van Allen does not comply.

“Sir, get back in the car for me now!” Zistel repeats.

Not only does Van Allen not comply, he begins walking toward Zistel — and then pulls his arm from behind his back, draws a handgun, and starts firing.

(Credit: KATU)

Van Allen shoots Zistel in the side, runs back to his car, and speeds down the highway.

“Shots fired! Shots fired! 53-26 shots fired!” Zistel yells into his radio just before Van Allen seemingly making a clean getaway (53-26 represents Zistel’s unit number, KATU says).

(Credit: Oregon State Police via YouTube)

(Credit: KATU)

But the dashcam video doesn't tell the whole story.

Zistel's injury wasn't serious, and he was released from the hospital later that day, KATU reports.

Not the same can be said for Allen, however.

Investigators say that when Zistel returned fire, he struck Allen in the chest, although that's not apparent in the video. KATU reports that other troopers found Allen about a half mile down the road, slumped over his steering wheel — he was dead.

Not only that, Allen had his three children in the car – a 10-year-old girl, a 13-year-old boy, and a 15-year-old boy, KATU notes.

The Sherman County district attorney found that Zistel was justified in using deadly force when he shot Allen. Oregon State Police officials released the video to media Thursday; the incident occurred August 29.

Here's the clip:




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