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Glenn Beck Set to Reveal Name of Republican Senator Who Allegedly Called FreedomWorks Supporters 'Traitors


"I'd tell you now, but I'd just like it to trickle out so that senator has all night to sweat about it."

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Beck revealed the name on radio Tuesday. You can see it in our follow-up post.


Glenn Beck told his audience on Monday that the following morning on his radio program, he will reveal the name of a Republican lawmaker who said anyone who stands with FreedomWorks or the Senate Conservatives Fund is a "traitor" to the Senate.

Beck had Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) on the program, and invited the senator to comment on the announcement, but the senator declined.

(Photo: TheBlaze TV)

"I don't want to throw any more fuel on a fire that has already been overly stoked," Lee remarked.  "...I want to re-focus the attention back where it should be, on Obamacare and on the Obama administration's response to this shutdown."

Lee repeatedly said the Obama administration's response to the shutdown is the "single best argument" anyone could ever make against Obamacare, saying it's clear that, "that which is in the control of government can and will be used against the people as leverage in a political debate."

Beck responded: "I'm going to give you a pass this time and not harp on the things that you don't want to talk about...But at some point I am going to come back with you and everyone else in the Senate on -- you've got people in the Republican Party that are part and parcel of this kind of thing. They may say that they're not, but they are not coming out forcefully against putting cones up in the middle of the highway so we don't see Mount Rushmore?"

Beck -- who railed against the GOP establishment last week and encouraged the use of the hashtag "#defundtheGOP" -- said Obamacare and big government are just as worrisome if Republicans are in power.

"Again, look at what just the Republicans are doing to you guys!" Beck told Lee, referring to the reported infighting between the Republican "old guard" and the newer members like Lee, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul. "Are you telling me when they have full control over your healthcare and everything else, when you stand up against Common Core...that no one in this vast government will say, 'You know what, I know grandma's sick, and it's going to be hard to get her some of these medicines...'  Are you telling that no one's going to play that game?"

"They will play that game," Lee responded without hesitation.  "And unfortunately, Glenn, Republicans will play it and Democrats will.  This is an equal opportunity problem. It's not something that is a fiction, and it's not something that is limited to the Democratic Party or to the liberal cause. The big government establishment -- the political establishment in both political parties -- will ultimately use things like that against the American people if we give the government too much power. That's why this ultimately is not a partisan battle. This is about the Washington, D.C. political establishment against the American people."

Beck concluded by asking the senator to call him if he gets the name wrong tomorrow morning on radio, adding that he has a "very good source" and that it's time for the American people to know "exactly what is being said."

Turning to the audience, Beck remarked: "Tomorrow I will, on the radio program, be giving you the name of the senator who said, if you are standing with FreedomWorks or the Senate Conservatives Fund, you are a traitor."

"I'd tell you now -- but I'd just like it to trickle out so that senator has all night to sweat about it," he added with a smile. "Hopefully the American people still care."

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