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Saudi Cleric & Poet: If I Could Pray for Non-Muslims, I'd Pray for Hitler, Who 'Barbecued' Russians & Jews


"How many times have I read, in delight and relief, what [Hitler] did to you on those tremendous days."

(Photo via MEMRI-TV)

A Saudi cleric and poet has been caught on video rhapsodizing about the destruction Adolf Hitler inflicted on the Russians and the Jews, according to the Middle East Media Research Institute.

Unlike countless other cases, though, the cleric's ire seemed to be concentrated on the Russians, not the Jews.

"This is a poem about the Russians, who, along with the tyrant [Assad], are responsible for every drop of blood spilled," Muhammad Al-Farraj begins. "If not for the alliance between the Russians and the Zoroastrians [Iran], that tyrant would not have survived a single moment, Allah willing."

The poem continues, according to a translation by MEMRI:

Adolf Hitler had a blessed way of burning you, oh rotting nation.

He would rain bombs upon your land from planes and from gas jets, spreading a red mist over the frozen Volga River.

How many times have I read, in delight and relief, what he did to you on those tremendous days.

If I were allowed to pray for a non-Muslim, I would have prayed for the soul of the Nazi leader, who barbecued you and the Jews through and through with gasoline.

Watch the video via MEMRI-TV, below:

The clip originally aired on Shada TV in late September, but was only recently translated into English and posted by MEMRI.


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