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Minister Accused of Knowingly Spreading HIV – and There's Some New Info That Has the Alleged Victim Outraged


"That’s outrageous."

The story of a minister in Memphis, Tenn., who is accused of knowingly spreading HIV to at least one woman, is continuing to gain traction. Just days after local outlets began covering the troubling allegations waged against the Rodney Carr, new details are emerging.

Carr is currently in a legal battle after an unnamed woman found out that she was infected with the disease back in late 2010 or early 2011. While that, alone, has sparked controversy, WREG-TV now reports that the preacher has two apparently-active profiles on, a dating website.

Minister Rodney Carr faces jail time for a class C felony (Photo Credit: WREG-TV)

A viewer contacted the outlet and let reporters know that Carr is reportedly still looking for female love interests. Searching for love online is certainly no crime, but the concern that some critics are voicing is that he might meet and infect other women as well.

"That’s outrageous. This man is still out here trying to be with other women," the alleged victim told WREG-TV when she learned of his online dating profiles.

The woman in question first reported Carr to police after she tested positive for HIV. She maintains that the faith leader never told her that he had the virus and, according to the outlet, court documents show that he has known of his illness since 2005.

During a recent court appearance, though, the outlet asked Carr about his HIV and he declined to confirm whether he is, indeed, infected. But when he was asked if the allegations that he knowingly spread it are accurate, he said, "I did not spread it, no."

He faces a class C felony and significant prison time and is scheduled for trial to begin this December. Carr was first arrested in July 2012 on charges that he had sex without telling the woman about his illness, WMC-TV reports.

According to a University of Tennessee Professor John M. Scheb, the following penalty could accompany this charge: "Not less than three (3) years nor more than fifteen (15) years in prison. In addition, the jury may assess a fine not to exceed ten thousand dollars ($10,000), unless otherwise provided by statute."

This isn't Carr's first brush with the law. The pastor was arrested in 2011 after threatening a man with a gun during an argument over a woman. When he was arrested on the HIV charge last year, he was in violation of his probation.

It is unclear if the man is a practicing pastor, but he is identified as a minister in a 2011 post on the Fellowship of Believers in Church Facebook page.




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