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An NHL Player Still in His Teens Scored What's Some Are Saying Could Be the 'Goal of the Year


Can you even catch it?

(Source: YouTube screen shot)

Even if you're a sports fan, you may not have ever heard of San Jose Sharks player Tomas Hertl. But after what he did Wednesday night, you may want to start learning his name.

The Sharks rookie (who's only 19) scored four goals against the New York Ranges. That in itself is good. But it was the way he scored the last one that is opening eyes. In fact, one site is saying it could already be the goal of the year -- and it's only a couple weeks into the young NHL season.

With eight minutes left in the third period, Hertl got the puck. And as he dribbled it down near the goal, he let slip between his legs before flicking it up from behind himself:

(Source: YouTube screen shot)

Just watch:

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