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Lawrence O'Donnell's Little Geographical Error While Attacking Sen. Mike Lee


Thursday's edition of "The Last Word" wasn't Lawrence O'Donnell's best.


Because he made a slight geographical error: He said Yellowstone National Park is located in Utah. It isn't. The park is located in Wyoming, with some land in Idaho and Montana, as noted by New York magazine’s Dan Amira.

“[W]hile giddily analyzing the backlash in Utah against shutdown-supporting senator Mike Lee, Lawrence O’Donnell seemed to be under the impression that Yellowstone National Park is in Utah,” he writes.

O'Donnell's mistake puts him in league with MSNBC’s Touré Neblett (who thought Kenya was located on the “northern coast of Africa”) and whoever at CNN thought Tokyo was located in South America:

Did you also catch the other tiny error?

O'Donnell seemed to struggle with pronouncing conservative author and commentator Charles Krauthammer’s name.

The name is a combination of the words “kraut” (as in sauerkraut) and “hammer” (as in the tool). O'Donnell, however, kept saying "Krauth" instead of "Kraut."

(H/T: Mediaite, David Freddoso)


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