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MSNBC: 'GOP flubs Obamacare launch


The liberal media is long-past trying to spin stories. Nowadays, it seems like they just make stuff up and hope someone will believe them.

Take, for instance, this morning's Morning Joe segment discussing the rollout of Obamacare and how it's failure is the GOP's fault:

Hot Air's Ed Morrissey inserts some context:

Well, let’s recap.  ObamaCare passed Congress almost entirely on Democratic votes. The Obama administration has taken more than three years to build a website on what turns out to be ten-year-old technology without bothering to test it, and now it’s passing bad data in every direction.  And yet, in a discussion on what’s going wrong with ObamaCare, MSNBC offers a chyron that states that the GOP flubbed the launch of ObamaCare.

WATCH (via Twitchy):

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