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Something Disturbing Happened to Glenn Beck's Daughter in the Hospital — and What He Wants You to Take From It


"You need to understand that this is what the free market does."

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Glenn Beck on Thursday told his national radio audience a disturbing story about what happened to his daughter, Hannah, in the hospital after she had her first child two days ago.

"I want to make this very clear: Baylor is a great hospital," Beck said repeatedly. "Every single person we have run into ... has been great, except for this one nurse."

Beck said the nurse in question was the night nurse, and "luckily [Hannah's] husband was there, [because] nighttime is scary."

He noted that mothers are often "terrified" before giving birth to their first child, and exhausted afterwards. When it comes time to breastfeed in those first hours, they're incredibly fragile.

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"I was there with [my wife] Tania when she tried to feed the children, and I know what it is like for a woman when she first tries to feed the baby," Beck said. "The body isn't working yet. It hurts, it's uncomfortable, it's emotionally difficult, and they immediately think 'something's wrong with me, why isn't it working?' Anybody who has had a child knows how traumatic it is for a mom."

So the night nurse came in, Beck said, and she was immediately "cold and callous."

"This isn't going to work, and this is going to hurt, and you're just going to have to get through it," she said brusquely, Beck related, having heard the story the next day.

Tim, the husband of Beck's daughter, tried to "soften" the situation and asked what he could do to help when they got home.  If they got a little refrigerator to store the milk, would he be able to help feed the baby at night?

"You can't help," the nurse allegedly replied.

Tim said something along the lines of, "what?" and said their friends had done something similar, but the nurse just repeated: "You can't help. She's got to do it. You can't help."

"Look, how old are you two?" the nurse proceeded to ask.

The two said their ages - both are in their mid-twenties - and then the nurse asked how long they have been married. They said a little over a year.

"So, this wasn't a planned pregnancy?" she inquired.

Then, Beck said, the nurse proceeded to offer this bone-chilling advice to the new parents: "Look, don't shake the baby or you're going to end up on the news."

"I'm sorry, do my children look like baby shakers?" Beck demanded. "So my daughter is having her first breastfeeding experience, with, I don't know, somebody who lost their heart or something. I don't know. And everybody has a bad day, but you don't do that job and have a bad day."

Beck said Hannah told her doctor about the experience the next morning, and the woman almost couldn't believe the nurse was a Baylor employee.  She immediately went to file a complaint.

[sharequote align="center"]"This is what the free market does. You can complain. And when you complain, something happens."[/sharequote]

Beck repeated that Baylor is a phenomenal hospital, but warned that "one bad apple does spoil the whole bunch, [and] if you don't weed that out, it will spread. It will spread. And this woman shouldn't be pushing a laundry cart in a hospital."

But in addition to saving other families a painful late-night experience, Beck said he feels it's important to share the story for another reason.

"You need to understand that this is what the free market does," Beck said. "You can complain. And when you complain, something happens."

"But if it is a federal union worker - which it will be soon when if have a single-payer system and it is all federalized and unionized - you are going to pray for the day when that was the worst nurse you would run in to," he added.

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Beck frequently references reports out of the United Kingdom, where at just one National Health Service hospital between 2005 and 2009, up to 1,200 patients were found to have died unnecessarily -- some of hunger or dehydration, and left in complete squalor.  This was the hospital where patients were so desperate, they were found to be trying to get a few sips of water from the flowerpots.

Private companies can't get away with a fraction of what the federal government does, Beck said, because the free market or the government itself will shut them down. But if the federal government is running the show, Beck said, "there is no accountability" and no recourse for the individual.

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