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Here's Why Two Men Are Being Charged by the Feds for Cannonballing


Two men featured in a YouTube video cannonballing on a manatee were charged by prosecutors on Monday.

The men can be seen in a video that surfaced in May using a hose to lure two sea cows near a dock and then jumping on top of the adult, nearly missing hitting the calf.

Watch the video:

“I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna do it,” one of the individuals says.

“Go get one!” the other man shouts.

The footage depicts an incident from March 2012, but only surfaced on the Internet a few months ago.

After an investigation, prosecutors have charged Taylor Blake Martin and Seth Andrew Stephenson each with a misdemeanor endangered species charge and they are scheduled to appear in court on November 19, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

(H/T: Orlando Sentinel)


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