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Woman's Mean Halloween Letter for Overweight Kids Goes Viral – But Could It Be Fake?


"Really...their kids are everybody's kids. It's a whole village."

How would you feel if your child came home from Halloween Trick or Treating with a note from a neighbor saying that they were too fat to be getting candy?

On Tuesday morning, a Fargo, N.D., radio station played a phone call they claim came from that a listener who said she is not giving Halloween candy to overweight kids.

The woman, identified as "Cheryl," told the morning show that instead of candy,  kids she determined to be overweight or obese, would get a sealed envelope, labeled "Give To Your Parents." Inside the envelope was the alleged letter posted below.


You can hear the call, as it aired on Y94 here.

TheBlaze was curious about the authenticity of this call and reached out to the management and hosts of Y94. None of our calls or messages were returned. What makes us suspect the call could be staged or phony? A few things.

1. The caller is identified only as "Cheryl" and doesn't give a local area name (that's typical of radio callers).

2. The radio station management and the hosts of the show have avoided responding to any inquiry.

3. Y-94 also uses some other radio bits heard on stations around the country - like "Second Date Update." This bit alleges to be a call to someone who had a first date where something went wrong or was not good, and the other party wants to get a "review" of the date with hopes of a possible second date. Because it it currently illegal to record a phone call unless you first get permission from all parties on the call, these kind of calls use actors. Many radio stations that air "Second Date Update" also make use the scripted "War of the Roses" bit.

The Washington Times reported on the story without questioning it's authenticity. However, Times story quoted ABC 13's interview with Dr. Katie Gordon, a North Dakota State University Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology. Dr. Gordon opined that this kind of letter might hurt kids more than help them.

Do you think the call is real?

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