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37 Seconds and This Scantily-Clad Model Could Shatter Any Faith You Had in Advertising


"...I think the original looked much, much prettier."

We've seen the wonders of what Photoshop can do to transform the human body. But this viral video might actually make you feel better about your own body image. And considering TheBlaze doesn't usually post images of scantily-clad women, you might want to pay attention to this one.

Although advertisers might have you believe models are born with only the best the gene pool had to offer, this time-lapsed video shows at least parts of them might be the enhanced work of Photoshop magic.

Here's a look at the model before makeup and hair.

photoshopped model This woman has not had her hair or makeup done yet, nor has she ben photo edited. (Image source: YouTube video screenshot)

photoshopped model Here's a close up of her face untouched. (Image source: YouTube video screenshot)

Then here is post hair and makeup.

photoshopped model Now she's had her hair and makeup done, but has not been Photoshopped. (Image source: YouTube video screenshot)

But then a bit of photo editing took it to the next level. The woman's eyes were brought up and shoulders elongated. Her stomach was flattened, legs and neck lengthened, bottom brought down and skin lightened, resulting in the final -- and fake -- product.

photoshopped model Here's the final product after editing. (Image source: YouTube video screenshot)

Here's a side-by-side comparison:

model photoshop The woman with hair and make-up done (left) and with a final photoshop edit treatment (right). (Image source: YouTube video screenshot)

Watch the revealing video:

"Gotta say, I think the original looked much, much prettier," YouTube user Michael Metzger commented.

"The Photoshop made her only uglier, but the makeup didn't," Pete Ahram also commented.

The video has been circulating on the Web since at least 2012 but was reposted last week on YouTube and has been gaining traction again ever since.

Here's an earlier version (which is just a bit longer) if you're interested:

(H/T: Daily Mail)



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