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Obama knew 'you can keep your plan' promise was a lie

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Investor's Business Daily noted Wednesday that in selling Obamacare to the public, President Obama had to avoid the pitfalls of the Clintons' health care push in 1994. No "Harry and Louise" ad would stop this train wreck.

So how did he avoid those pitfalls?  He lied:

Of course, Obama knew it wasn't true when he said it. He just couldn't admit it if he wanted to convince enough Democrats to vote for the bill.

And now that millions of people are finding out that ObamaCare is, in fact, forcing them to pick from a few plans designed by government bureaucrats, Democrats and the liberal press are desperate to explain Obama's promises away.

The Washington Post tried to claim that it only "reflects how elected officials sometimes gloss over nuances." New York Magazine's Jonathan Chait called it "a mere oversimplification." House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer says that Obama just "was not precise enough."

But Obama's "keep your plan" pledges were perfectly precise. By making this false claim and repeating it over and over again, he was able to convince those who had insurance that they'd be immune from ObamaCare.

Obama also silenced Harry and Louise and got the government takeover of health care that Clinton failed to achieve two decades before.

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