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Duck Dynasty' Patriarch Phil Robertson Explains the Simple Love Note That Helped Save His Marriage


"I was following the ways of the world. I was raised in the '60s."

Phil Robertson and Miss Kay Robertson attend A&E Networks 2012 Upfront at Lincoln Center on May 9, 2012 in New York City. (Credit: Getty Images for A&E Networks)

The "Duck Dynasty" crew is known for creating a fair bit of laughter, but the Robertson family has also repeatedly made it known that they face the same plights and challenges as everyone else. In a recent interview with "Extra," patriarch Phil Robertson admitted that his bad behavior once put in jeopardy his 47-year marriage to his wife, Kay -- and he revealed how a love note inevitably helped sustain their wedded bliss.

Phil detailed some of the steps he took to get the couple's relationship back on track during its tainted years. After finding God, he said his worldview and marriage dramatically changed. But he also spoke about how a short note he once wrote played a big role in helping maintain his now-strong relationship with Kay.

Phil told "Extra" reporter  Maria Menounos that the note originated long ago when his wife asked him if he loved her.

"I said yes and she said, ‘Write it down.’ So I scribbled, ‘Miss Kay, I love you. I always have and I always will,'" he explained.

That note is still taped over the couple's headboard, serving as a daily reminder to them both.

Credit: Extra

So, despite their on-screen love, like any married couple, Phil and Kay have had their share of fights and problems. The Daily Mail noted that the couple began dating in 1964 when Kay was just 14 and that they married two years later.

Along the way, they hit some speed bumps.

"He had about 10 hard years," Kay told Menounos of the troubles the Robertsons experienced. "He didn’t act nice like he does now, especially when he was drinking. He was real selfish and didn’t want to be responsible."

Phil chimed in an added that his behavior came at a time "when there was no Jesus" in his life.

"I was following the ways of the world. I was raised in the '60s," he added.

Watch the two describe their marriage -- and the note they claim helped save it -- below:

Phil and Kay aren't the first "Duck Dynasty" cast members to share their personal struggles. Despite his oft-times goofy nature, Si Robertson, too, has opened up about his wife’s difficulty conceiving children and his son's mental health struggles.

(H/T: Daily Mail)



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